Illume Skylight Alternative

Lighten up your home with illume Skylight Alternative.

Illume is the revolutionary, shaftless Solar Powered Skylight Alternative system that provides similar ambience to traditional skylights. This system eliminates problems such as leaking, heat transfer and heat loss often associated with traditional skylights. No roof penetration means no chance of leaks, no heat gain or loss and no bugs or dust on your diffuser.

illume skylight alternatives can be installed almost anywhere including lower storey rooms or even in walls in lieu of windows.

An available option allows illume skylight alternatives to be ‘turned off’. Great idea for bedrooms for that morning sleep in. They can also be wired to AC for use as a light at night time.

As an illume needs no shaft they can be installed under beams, trusses, wiring or plumbing. They can also be installed as multiples, up to nine skylights on one solar panel.

Utilising illume is perfect for homes that require skylights to be installed deep on the south side of the roof as the solar panel can be placed on the north facing roof and be cabled to any length. Therefore, rooms on the south side benefit from sunlight on the north side.

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