Fakro Skylights

Fakro Premium European Skylights
Fakro skylights have the benefit of thermal insulation, leak proof quality, durability and easy installation. Our vented models supply fresh air, reducing humidity and condensation, with insect screens included as standard.

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Solar Powered – FVS (G31)

Ideal for out of reach installations, these solar venting roof windows have a photovoltaic panel and integrated battery, therefore are an autonomous product that doesn’t require connection to mains power.

Additional features

  • PV panel with integrated battery
  • Integrated rain sensors, that close the window within seconds of rain detection
  • Equipped with a radio control system, allowing for easy remote operation
  • Remote control accessories available
Manually Operated – FV (G31)

These manual venting skylights, tilt open to help circulate air through the home. They are perfect for installation in out of reach places that still have access to operate with a control rod.

Additional features

  • Class 3 corrosion resistant hinges
  • Double seals for better insulation between the sash and frame when skylight is closed
  • Rod accessories available
Fixed (non opening) – FX (G31)

Fixed skylights are the best solution to provide natural light where a venting option is not important. Natural light in homes increases the comfort of living and positively influences health.

Additional features

  • Special perimeter gasket underneath the frame for increased insulation
  • Internal gasket system protects frame and drywall from condensation
  • Easy, bracket free installation system