Energy Recovery Vent

The ERV is possibly the greatest health benefit you could add to your home!

Utilising it’s inbuilt ceramic heat exchange unit, you can now replace the air in your home every 60 seconds. Plus it brings the outside air back in at ambient room temperature.​

That means, for 60 seconds, your home will breathe out all that stale air. Then, for 60 seconds, it will breathe in fresh, clean air. And you would need an expensive device to detect a change in room temperature!

This is perfect partner to airconditioning. You may not realise it, but your airconditioning unit only recycles the air inside your home!

Ideal for children’s rooms and other rooms where security is paramount to your needs.

Perfect for those that like to leave their pets inside by day too.

Come home and open the door to a fresh breath of air.

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