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Unlike with traditional skylights, if you ever want to dim or switch off your illume, you can!


Perhaps it’s near your media room and you want to watch a matinée movie.


With the Remote Dimming Switch Kit you can easily adjust the lighting level in your space and it’s so simple to install, there’s no need for an electrician.

The illume Remote Dimming Switch Kit is the perfect accompaniment for your illume system. Simply connect the receiver between the solar collector and control module, code in the remote and you’re done.



Remote: 4 Channel

Receiver: 2 Channel

Frequency: 2.4GHz

Range: Up to 30m


Note: Dimming may not function correctly in combination with AC driver.

illume™ Remote Dimming Switch Features

  • Use as on/off switch or dimmer

  • Remote control – no need for a wall switch

  • Easy to connect – plug and play

  • No need for an electrician

  • Operate up to four illumes from one remote Note:Additional receivers required

  • Kit includes remote and receiver

  • System automatically resets to ‘on’ status overnight

  • Suitable for all illumes except 600 x 1200mm